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Wow, this is my first Xbox so didn't realize Microsoft could be quite the bastard in forcing their own cables onto their users. I've got a basic HDMI cable from MonoPrice and my Xbox Elite MW2 edition came with the Composite A/V cable so it looks like the workaround you mentioned could be an option. As an alternative, would there be any drawbacks to running just the HDMI cable from my Xbox to the TV and then an optical cable from the TV to my Yamaha...
Thanks Michael, it's not that I'm in a rush but I was told that buying a regular HDMI and optical cable won't work because of the way Microsoft has the ports placed on the back of the Xbox. My Yamaha surroundbar/receiver is not HDMI-enabled so I have to use optical. I ordered the official Xbox 360 HDMI cable kit but if there's a way I can get this to work with a regular HDMI and optical cable I went ahead and ordered these from MonoPrice and will return the Xbox 360...
AV Alive:It appears AVS blocks posting the AV Alive name so you can find it by going to av alive.com (delete the space) and then /Mack-Extended-Warranty/1404/89158/productDetail.phpIt's the 5 Year TV In-Home Service Under $1,500.00 - All LCD, plasma, OLED, CRT, micro displays, tv combo units for $119Look okay?
No worries, I called Mack today and was told the same information so I went ahead with the warranty.
After a lot of research and comparison shopping I just pulled the trigger on a Mack 5-yr warranty for my Panasonic 54G10. I paid $119 and since the coverage begins after the manufacturer warranty ends I'm covered for 6 years. At $20/year I figured it was a good deal. On the flip side I bought a 3-yr SquareTrade warranty for a pair of Sennheiser headphones. With the coupon code it cost $8. My last pair of headphones started crapping out after 2 years so figured I'd give...
Excellent. Thanks again for the help. Ordered the cables and my Yamaha surroundbar arrived this morning. Can't wait to hook everything up!
Same here. Started with the 50S10, got hooked on the 50G10 and then when I found the 54G10 on sale for the same price as the 50G10 I chalked it up to destiny. Found out today I should be able to dump my cable box (basic cable with no HD channels) for OTA with HD. With what I pay for the antenna will be paid off with 6 months of my current cable cost and after that I'm banking the savings. Life's good.
I spent about 8 hours looking at stand for my 54G10. I've got a Yamaha surroundbar so I needed a shelf to accommodate it. Ended up going with a Tech-craft stand that was originally $600 but on sale for Cyber Monday at $400 with a price-beating guarantee. Another site had it for $425 and then a coupon code dropped it down to $365. I contacted the first site and they counter-offered at $340 so I'm pretty pleased. The stand is built like a tank and it should look great in my...
Ah, thanks for the clarification. So if I want the 3.0/3.1 front speaker system then I go with the configuration that you mentioned in your first post, correct? Getting ready to order from MonoPrice and with their prices I'll go with your first recommendation.
Hey Dave, can you clear up some confusion I have about the Mack Summary of Coverage for a 5-yr TV warranty. In the bulleted list it saysDoes this mean plasmas aren't covered? The first bulleted item says it is but then the second says it's not. Thanks.
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