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I dont know about others, but i dont like it, money wasted!!
A question with asthetics vs sound for sub's and speakers should not be even raised.
Yes i was able to implement a keyboard on my ipad as well as the recent Note 3. You gotta use some small size blank icons and resize their width and height in properties panel, you might have to arrange the row/column based on how much the icons are moving side by side or by height. Now you will be able to do it more easily with pixel level control in the new update.iRule, the updates sound fantastic, some of these are much awaited updates...Now have to figure out how to...
stennajay, looks good.. seems you are doing this with respect to the ios7's flat ui...The only thing i was thinking about is.. the white UI.. dont it find it distracting and pretty bright in a dark room while watching a movie.I made a page with white background and found it pretty bright in a dark room, hence took it off and went back to the dark theme.
Fantastic looks good. Keep inspiring.
This happened to me with one of the devices for feedback when i imported the feedback library. I tried importing a few more feedbacks from the library for the same device, and finally i found the one that actually worked. Note: This is also true for certain macro's for some devices.
Both the items are shared, the panel as well as the page.Screenshot attached.Inspite of that my main page does not open each time i exit the app, it just opens at the last page i was on before i quit irule app. This is on the iPad
Yes I am quitting the app. Does naming convention have to do with this? The name of the panel is MAIN instead of HOME and page name is sources under MAIN panel.
Have a quick question here about defining a home page. I have configured by Main page as the home page.. but each time i shutdown irule and start it again even after a day, irule opens at the page i was last at. Isnt it supposed to by default open at the main page (thats set as home page) each time i start irule?
Hey guys,How do you macro radio channels on your receivers? unlike the cable channels, its easy to drag and drop series of numbers from the device.. but in the case of a radio channel say like 94.3 FM how do you set this up through your denon reciever in your irule?I do see digits macro in the denon device panel.. but still i cannot get to put that dot.. am i doing something wrong?I am using Vera 3, this was my first home automation project at home, i am looking forward to...
New Posts  All Forums: