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My receiver is 7.2 currently so it has two sub outs. What is the question on the XT though. Not sure I understand the XT?, part.
Thanks everyone for the input! So I guess my next question is, will Audessey Mult EQ XT handle the 2 subs properly with respect to EQ? For what its worth, they will be placed the same listening distance from my main listening position. Also the will be symetrical across the front wall (if that makes any sense).
Hello All, What are your thoughts on Dual SVS PB-12NSD vs 1 PB12 Plus? My room is about 3300^3 feet. I will be running these along a Paradimg Monitor Series 7 setup, Monitor 11s. An Onkyo 709 amp that has 7.2 functionality with Audessy Multeq XT. HELP! Thanks,
Jd, thanks for the input. How come the website and manual for Denon says that all channels are rated then? I am confused. Surely I would rather keep my Denon if its 90w x all channels vs 110 x 2 on the Onkyo.
Hi ALL, I am looking at two AVRs. I currently have a Denon 790 and it sates the power is 90W per channel for each channel seperately. I was looking to upgrade to an Onkyo tx-nr709 and it says the power is 110w per channel 2 channlers driven? Can that be right? Can the Denon 790 really drive each channel at 90 with the same distortion level the Onkyo 709 can only drive 2 channels at 110? Here are the specs.. ONKYO Power Output Front L/R 110 W + 110 W (8 ohms, 20...
Those look like some awesome speakers~! COmpetitively priced too. What about if I used 3 of the Centers out of that line up front.. RC-LCR I think they are.Since its all HT not sure now, based on this thread, if there is benefit to getting the rc-70.
With that in mind, what other bookshelves near that price point would you suggest? Also I would like a nice pair of Bipole surrounds (I think). So many options dont know what to pick!
My room is 17x20x9. And WAF is not really a concern, she appreciates a good movie, and rumbling... What are you thinking?Sounds like money is better spent on the sub than the towers?
Thanks for the info! OK, at under 3000K for a 5.0 set up, and running and Onkyo TX-NR709, what would you suggest? I am open to new ideas!
GT, thank you for the feedback.I appreciate it!! Which Axioms did you own specifically? Have you heard the Aperions also?So having multiple tweaters is bad for off axis? I thought that would be good, especially being at the near end of the speaker rather than just one in the middle.
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