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Thanks Rene! Madshi, what's your PCI Express version? Test results look a bit less "random" now, I suppose?
I can't recommend any modern firewalls cause I don't deal with any for a long time. In my opinion first thing that must be done is locating the exact point of upload. Too bad if ISP doesn't provide a detailed data... maybe write them a letter and ask? Are you using Scype? It can be involved to p2p data transferring.
Some routers have DNS services. Being configured improperly that DNS service is open to any botnets to amplify their DDOS attacks. Google for open DNS check. Your other option is a firewall with detailed logs: what app, what type of data, what adresses. Just keep in mind that issue could be related not to computers only.
I advice to compare with bitstream (lossless). Bitsream shouldn't be affected. PM me if you interested and need any help with encoding.And look here:
"Flac thing" is eac3to http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=125966 A really great tool for those who use to rip their videos. Note for LPCM > FLAC convertion you don't need any additional codecs/tools.
More than ever. MadVR is getting better, videocards are getting faster.
DVI means RGB as far as i know. Good for MPC-HC and bad for TMT and Panny TVs (bad RGB support). Your TV is old and doesn't support YCbCr 4:4:4 in Direct mode, right? In that case your best option is HDMI-HDMI, YCbCr 4:2:2, TMT in my opinion. You can also play with black level in the TV.
Maybe your really best option is AV processor or this device: http://www.exasound.com/e18DAC/Overview.aspx
ReClock needs to change sound a bit to do its magic - smoothness. Most people find that sound change is not notacible. (needs to be added to the guide I think).
http://www.audiolab.co.uk/Downloading.aspx?Lang=En&Tab2=Manuals http://www.head-fi.org/newsearch?advanced=1&action=disp&search=m-dac&titleonly=0&byuser=&output=all&containingforum[]=7&replycompare=gt&numupdates=&sdate=0&newer=1&sort=relevance&order=descending&Search=SEARCH
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