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I attached drywall right to mine on both sides. So I don't think you'll have any problems
You always cut off the bottom of a door, never the top. The top is always shorter than the bottom from the factory due to this fact.
I used a snapav contractor series (i am a dealer) articulating mount for the 58in our LR. It's an awesome mount, very heavy duty and has built in cable management. I highly recommend it. If you are not looking for an articulating mount their other mounts are rock sold too and we use a lot of them. just my 2 cents.
An option would be to racetrack the ceiling. It still gives you that soffit look but you only lose 1/2" of headroom.
Huge congrats. On to a print edition next
A little while back I saw an ingenious way to frame around a steel support beam holding up floor joists. Rather than using a 2x4 under the beam, this person modified it which allowed for more headroom. And of course now that I need it I cannot find it. Anybody help?
Slim 5 is what you want and will be the least expensive
Middle Atlantic really are the Cadillac of racks and the price is expensive but they are also really, really nice with a ton of options for just about any configuration you could ask for. That is all we install on our jobs
you cannot control two loads per one dimmer. Try the Lutron Spacer System, or Radio Ra2 would work as well, although more expensive.
well this looks to be an interesting build...subscribed.
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