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Thanks - cheaper overall to go with pro from the start. Everything is ordered - and I came in just a touch over budget (as always). Thanks to everyone for the help. It's a safe bet that I'll have some additional questions once I start putting it together.
Ordered! Two quick follow up questions: 1. Will I need a power cord? Wouldn't be any fun to get all this stuff in the mail and not be able to plug it in. 2. Do I need the Profession version of Windows 8 to get WMC? I've seen some conflicting info on that.
Thanks to both of you. after many hours of web searches, I was getting nowhere, but I think my understanding is beginning to improve. Having looked at both suggestions, barebones seems to be more the type of project I can handle right now. I assume I could get the system Stardog suggested, add the SSD and OS from ikkuranus's list, and I'd be good to go. I'll probably go ahead and add a Blu-Ray from the outset. the the Toshiba TS-TB23L on the EcosmartPC upgrade a list...
bump. any needed info that I failed to include?
I have a Revo 3610 that is probably ready to be replaced. It has served me well, but it's always been a slow machine and it seems to be slowing down more lately. Here's what I want to do (in order if priority): - Watch MLB.tv in HD (through browser, presumably) - Use WMC as a DVR with my OTA antenna. (don't need much storage, I only have about a dozen hours of programming at any one time) - Occassionally watch tv shows through the browser In the nice, but not required...
Thanks for the suggestions - and sorry for the slow reply. I've been experimenting with an amplified loop/rabbit ears from radioshack with minimally improved results. I'll definitely look into the ones you suggest. The street causing the interference is between my tv and SF, so it makes sense that I'd have issues.I can get KGO and KNTV in great, but they are more susceptible to traffic interference than Fox and CBS. KQED can also have issues.
Bump. I'd love some advice on antenna options and configurations that are least impacted by traffic interference. Thanks
Looking for help with picking the best antenna and tweaking my setup. I have plenty of channels close by, and all the channels I want are coming in, but I get lots of interference from passing cars. Getting an antenna on the roof would be very problematic, so I'm hoping there might be other options. Currently using a fairly cheap, passive RCA antenna. http://www.tvfool.com/?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=29&q=id%3d2df90fea2eb228 Thoughts on the best indoor antennas and best...
Thanks, all. Some good suggestions that have kept me budy doing research. The Eras seem to be potentially the best match if I can get them used at a good price. Unfortunately the only ones on audiogon right now are sycamore and that's a no-can-do in my living room. Planning to go to my local audio store this weekend and listen to a bunch, including the Eras.
A wireless sub is definitely something to consider. A related question: My receiver doesn't have a dedicated out for a sub (just 2 sets of L-R outs) and the wireless subs I found during a quick web search don't have speaker outs. How would I best wire that up?
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