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I used to have a custom neon light, but it was broken when I moved. Anytime you take "commercial" grade items, and bring them in your home, they look great
honestly that looks nice, but cheap
very nice
I am designing a pool room. I am thinking about matching the pool table color (green) to the card/game tables. The game table will be the exact color green but just not be felt, it will be laminate. Do you think it will clash? What about one being laminate, and the other being felt? Pool table here and game/card table here Yes, No, Beautiful, Keep Looking?
Very nice
I have actually hooked my computer to my guitar amp through the stereo output before, lol It was louder than anything I have ever heard.
This really depends on how much soft matter is throughout the rest of the basement. Empty with a concrete floor would sound horrible. With a lot of furniture etc, it would not be bad.
where do you live?
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