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I've had mine for over a year now and still love it. I did the allignment early on and haven't had to adjust it since. I paid $978 for it and compared to other units that produce as good a picture it was a steal. My next TV will still be a Vizio.
Phew!, for a moment I thought I was in the thread I opened about my lip sync issue. Wait a sec....this is my thread (sarcasm off) I spoke with Bob (heavy middle eastern accent) who eventually forwarded me to advanced tech support when I exhausted his troubleshooting flow chart. They decided to send me a new receiver. I asked if this was a known issue that was fixed and they said it wasn't an issue. Kinda like my last receiver when the HDMI output just...
It doesn't matter how it sounded, whether it was new or not. How does that invite you to start a this brand is better than yours post. By that comment alone I wouldn't take your advice on anything because if you had half a clue you'd see that the other top brands (Samsung, Sony, Panny, etc...) all have hundreds of threads on lip sync issues. My question was meant more for those who have experience with Vizio setting or in this case, the DVR settings. I didn't think it...
Hi everyone, There are a ton of lip sync threads and I couldn't find a simplified answer for this. I have a Vizio M470 that is connected via HDMI directly to my Dish HD DVR. I've noticed some serious lip sync issues recently. You can hear the word spoken and at the end of the word you see it being spoken on the display. I know the Vizio has a lip sync adjustment in the menu but playing with it doesn't effect much. I'm wondering if there's another setting or...
I had to have my Dish 622 replaced because the HDMI output died. Is it possible to move my recorded shows and movies to the new 622?
Your red and white stereo outputs are analog stereo. Analog 7.1 will have left, right, center, rear L, rear R, surround R, surround L, and an LFE to a sub. If it were 5.1 you just subtract the two rears. As stated, your BD player has to have on board decoding. If you see those outputs on the player it has decoding. Players like that will typically start north of $250.
The bose use their own proprietary crossover and internal DSP. Its so proprietary that they don't give you their speakers specs. Your AUD and YP are just helping balance it all for your room. It's not replacing what's inside the bose.
Two things a consumer must always do. When buying a car get pre approved for a loan before you go shopping. When buying expensive electronics, research and know what you want before you go to the store.
I've heard bose sound best when placed in a garbage bag. That said, you have to use the bose eq or they will sound even more crappy. In this case the eq is in the bass module.
People who buy their tv because of how it looked in the store will be the ones who return their sets over and over. People who do research and then buy the set they've chosen from the place that gives them the best deal will typically be more happy with their purchase and not return it. They are also the type that will figure out how to tune their tv or pay someone to do it.
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