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But it makes me feel better.
I'm looking at the STF-2, but the shipping kills me. Does HSU ever have free shipping? Thanks.
Any ideas at all? Busted?
Hello, My Onkyo TX-SR507 works good except for the HDMI. I get no video. I know the cables are okay because if I plug the devices into the TV directly I get video and audio. I have tried with, Apple 2 TV Dell Laptop with HDMI With the Apple TV connected to the receiver and the receiver connected to the TV, I get the audio through the AMP as normal. I have VCR/DVR set to the correct HDMI assignment. Just no video. I got this from someone else, so I don't know the...
Jurassic Park. War of the Worlds.
http://www.bestbuy.com/site/subwoofer/5086873.p http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-...oofer--300-629 I have the Pioneer. It's okay. I knew it wouldn't dig as deep as I wanted, but it's not a bad sub. I have not heard the Dayton, but it gets pretty much positive reviews on the forums and the product website. Does anyone happen to know if the Dayton sounds better or if it is a matter of the Dayton simply going down to 25Hz vs 38Hz? Thanks.
What would you buy? edit: How come? The chuffing?
I found one used on Craigslist for $275. In the box. Should I get it? I keep reading about chuffing.
Can the amp be replaced?
Hi, I found an Elemental designs a2-300 12" front ported down firing sub on Craigslist. If it sounds good, I thought about getting it. But then I read the company went out of business. If the sub dies, I'm out right? Can it be repaired? Amp? Driver? It is $300. I thought I'd offer less. I found it on ebay for $200 sold. Thanks for input.
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