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Isn't that SVS tiny?
Budget: $400 Size Requirements: None Room Dimensions: About 22 x 15 x 8ft ceilings Primary Use: 99% movies (action movies, stuff blows up and tight punches in Rocky) Listening Habits: soundtracks, electronic, rock. Appearance: None Timeframe: 30 days? Thanks for any help. I have thought of, I can't afford SVS unless I luck out on Craigslist. Everyone raves about HSU STF2, but is it too small for my room size? I do not want a boomy, muddy sub. If I have to have junk,...
I don't know. I only see references to SVS PB2-Plus.
The SVS is older isn't it? Is it better than the hsu? All movies.
Can you use a line level converter? Maybe something like this: http://www.crutchfield.com/p_142SLC4/Scosche-SLC4.html Something else? http://www.amazon.com/XANTECH-SLLC1-Speaker-Level-Converter/dp/B000P0UE38 ?
Is that a "normal" thing? Only time I've ever seen that was on really cheap stuff. Maybe that's just what I saw at the store a long time ago.
Is it possible to connect Tapco S5 speakers to a receiver for sorround sound? A guy I know has these but I don't know how I'd hook them up. They don't have a speaker wire input, just rca, xlr, and something else. Thanks.
I realize this is a JBL thread, but do you think they would be better than a Klipsch KG 5.5?
I can get the JBL L880 for $150 and yes it works and it not stolen. The KG cost more but are supposed to be really good. Which would you get, fanboism aside? Thanks. I have no sub.
I'm not even subscribed. If I post in a thread, it just stays there forever. It even gives me the options to subscribe, so I know I'm not subscribed. I don't own some of the products in some of the threads anymore, so I don't need to see them. Thanks for any help. I'm talking about when you click your username in the top right of the webpage.
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