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Does it respond from the webpage interface? Factory reset help?
I did see it. But I've seen so much conflicting information. Do you like those speakers?see: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000G1NWYO800w. It made me think there is more than one version of this speaker. Plus I've seen -H (maybe for color?).http://www.wwstereo.com/JBL/L880BLK100/400w. No mention of 200w.
What are the specs on a Jbl L880 Studio L Series 4-Way Dual 6" 200-Watts Floorstanding Speaker? I've seen 200w, 800w, I've seen studio, non-studio. I can't find them anywhere with consistency. Nothing on Amazon, ebay, etc.
I might be able to trade my Denon AVR-1912 for these. I have another receiver. Are these jbl speakers any good? I do not have a sub, if that matters. Thanks.
How do you get video from v.aux? Hooking up my xbox. I can hear the sound but can't see anything. I have tried the back connectors. Audio, no video. Is there something I need to change on the Xbox? I have checked the v.aux in input assign. You cannot assign analog inputs so they are "just there" on the machine. The yellow port. All inputs are set to non for v.aux. Using hdmi out to tv. I am using the component hookup for my cable box. Therefore, I have to use...
How much are they charging? I found one without the remote for $175. I use the web browser and ipad to control it. I also, occasionally, actually walk ten feet to turn it up .I don't care much for the services like Napster lol, Rhapsody, or Pandora, but I like the Internet radio stations. Also much easier to type a keyword with a keyboard than a remote. I think the new one is supposed to have Spotify and that 1912 isn't getting a firmware update (I just read that...
I agree from a dealer or a store. I'm talking about used, as in Craigslist. I got burned there.
I was reading the manual about A&B fronts. Does that mean you can play four speakers at once in the front? What is that for just more of a "sound-stage" or whatever the proper term is?
I know I said never. I'll probably end up doing it again. But, I sure will try my best to overcome temptation or to get an audition. And even then I want to listen closely, turn down the bass, see if I can hear the tweeters, for example. I had a guy buy a speaker from me. He did that and I had never thought of it. I've bought other speakers and not been burned but this time I did. The remaining good speakers are still worth more than what I paid, but this is not...
Just saying. Something I'm sure you all know, and I have learned. Do not buy speakers you haven't heard unless you are very, very sure about who you're getting things from. I have been burned one too many times, once just recently. If you're thinking of Craiglist and that guy that has the good buy on those speakers you've been looking for. Hear them first. Turn up the volume. Test various types of music with a variety of bass and treble. You were warned. So was I...
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