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And, This will be my last crappy sub. I'm not getting junk any more. Only the famous hsu, psb, or something like that. I hate that boomy rumble that never stops during a movie. Very annoying.
Let this be a lesson. I bought it and got burned. The driver is shot. Now I'm not too upset because I got a lot of speakers with it. And one of those needs a crossover (or at least a capacitor). Still, I got six speakers that are really nice, all of it, including the non-working for $125. I am confident I can repair the one messed up speaker. The sub rattles. After testing, I have determined it is the driver. I removed it from the enclosure, rattles. Ok. I still...
Look at your router and see if the device is connected. You will the MAC address and the IP address. Try and ping it from a PC to see if it is really there. If your device is missing look at the logs on the router. Turn off the Denon. Turn off the router. Wait a minute. Turn on the router. Wait until the computers inside the house can connect to the Internet again. Then turn on the Denon. See what happens. View logs to diagnosis, in case there is a problem.
Hi, I have the AVR-1912. I have my cable box, component out to the receiver in. I have the HDMI out to the tv. Works. But unless I connect the sound from the cable box to the receivers sat/cbl left and right (composite cable), I don't get any sound. Ok. That makes sense. But what I want to do is run the video into the component, hdmi out, and Optical from the cable to the optical in of the amp. I don't want to use the old L/R rca composite cables. The sound is...
Return of the King. lol.I'm selling all my Polk stuff now. I'm too paranoid. It is $32+tax to fix it, free s&h.
90 watts per channel (20Hz-20kHz, 8 ohms, .08% THD), 150 watts per channel (1kHz, 6 ohms) What does that mean? 7.1 receiver, if that matters.
I'm an idiot. That was just for the monitors....Thanks.
Does that mean I should or shouldn't be worried about the receiver?
'Now I am worried it will blow up other things.....My TV? My other speakers? Paranoid now.
Does it matter if I had it set to PLii but only had three speakers connected (two fronts one center)?
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