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Are the: Paradigm Book Shelf speakers Mini Monitors V.4 and Paradigm Center Channel Speaker CC-370 V.4 Okay for Home Theater? Are they crisp, clear, lots of detail, can handle good level of volume? 22x15 room. Price: $245 on CL. Thanks.
So just a case of "things break sometimes"? I do feel that I have to crank them good to have detail, and I don't have bad hearing. I did not have it super loud though.
I don't understand. I blew them up (maybe) because I had too little power not too much? How? No questioning you. Trying to understand. What should I upgrade too power-wise (not a model, just specs)?
So I wouldn't be any better off with Klipsch?
IOW, I have to have $1000+ speakers. I guess I better move the couch closer.
You don't think it means there's something wrong with the receiver do you? Or maybe just the opposite since the speaker blew up?
I didn't know that. What would you suggest? Do you think an older Klipsch, non-Reference, would be good? Or would I be in the same boat? My room is 22 x 14 or 15.
What do you mean by efficient, so I know what to look for? Apparently, turning up the volume is bad for the polks.
Yamaha htr-5930. How do I know if it is too loud?
I don't know how. I did turn it up loud earlier watching LotR Return of the King, but I didn't think it was loud enough to break a speaker. All the other drivers sound fine. The other speaker is working fine. Just one tweeter. Could I have blown it up? It was that loud to my ears or anyone else's.
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