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I don't understand. After I get Rasberry Pi on my network, what do I do then? It connects back to another computer running (what?)? The computer that actually has all the movies ripped to it. Thanks.
It doesn't have to be a certain "grade" or kind of sound card? They're all good? Do I look for surround sound sound cards or something like that?
If I get a pc with an hdmi out, is that all I need? How do I make sure I have a good quality sound (certain motheboard or sound card)?
Nope. I have some I like. I keep waiting on the "perfect" Craigslist sale.
Probably but every time BB is mentioned the mocking begins. I wish I had all the places to demo stuff like y'all have.
I did a more empirical test last night at Best Buy, oh stop rolling your eyes. Anyway, They had an energy 10" sub, ESW-C10. It's frequency response is 32-140Hz. I turned it on the Jurassic Park T-Rex scene. I made SURE that nothing else sub-wise was running. Just some small Energy CB-10 bookshelf speakers.Shook the room. I don't know if I'd miss a whole, whole lot, but I'm sure there's something. I don't believe I'll let not having below at 25Hz stop me anymore. I...
So on your line, when is it that you can't hear it anymore?
I don't understand. What is difference betwen the mid-tones of a bookshelf and a mid-range of a floorstanding speaker? The bookshelf sounds better on the former. I don't know what I'd be missing.Example, on my speaker, TSi300. It has the two 5.25 woofers and one tweeter (sorry if that's wrong words). It has a port on the bottom of the enclosure and it's on speaker spikes.Some bookshelves have the same size woofer, I think tweeter. Why would I get more out of two of...
Do you ever hear smaller speakers that sound more detailed than larger, even more expensive, counterparts? Example, I have heard bookshelves from the same makers that sound better than the floor standers. I've heard Energy speakers, smaller ones, that sounded better than my Tsi300 speakers. Of course they lacked bass, but they sure sounded detailed. LIke when something crumbles in a movie, you can hear it all. I don't think I'd like it for music though, not enough...
Not at home but I listed in the BB store. The Denon was much better to to me. I couldn't believe how good it sounded actually.
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