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That is a LOT of variance.
Hello, What does -3db at 25Hz mean? What is that -3db mean on all the stuff I read on subs? I know it is a decibel reading, but is it like a +-X like they have on a survey within the margin of error? . Thanks.
As an example: http://www.audioholics.com/reviews/speakers/subwoofers/ultra-12/ultra-12-measurements I am looking at this and how things drop off at 32Hz.pretty substantially. But it shows 20hz anywhere from 80 - 90db. What does this mean? Isn't 80db pretty loud? I do not understand.
I read the hsu stf-1 is 32Hz. I read elsewhere claims of 25Hz in the propertly treated room. If I can get a sub that is actually rated at 25Hz, why would I buy the hsu?
I bet I will hate it. Everytime I see something I know should sound deep, I'll be thinking...I bet that's below 25Hz....
Is the Reference series really better sounding than say the K series? Worth the extra money?
$1000! I thought that HSU was supposed to do all that for $400.
Does this sub sound "boomy" at all? Would you compare it to any of the higher priced models like psb, svs, or hsu?
Any scenes from your favorites? For example, looking at the BIC F-12 and it is "only" 25Hz. What do you think I'll miss besides maybe the famous War of the Worlds tripod scene?
Anything I could consider for the Pioneer CS-99a for a center match?
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