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Pair of Polk R40 PSW202 Pioneer VSX-D811S Receiver I know that has more than a speaker but went ahead and posted. Stay away? Assuming I had no present audio equipment.
Yes. It is. I'm new. Thank you (everyone) for help. One thing maybe you can answer. I have seen lots of threads on websites about building subs, many sonotubes, boxes, etc. Ok. I've seen the calculators and all that winisd, etc. They usually ask what volume you want your container/tube/box to be. How the heck am I supposed to know that? I saw that in a sonotube thread somewhere. Someone said, What volume do you want? I don't know. I was hoping someone could...
I need to study.
So by comparison if I look at: http://www.hsuresearch.com/subwoofers.html Then the wattage, I can estimate the amp I would have to purchase to reach the same Hz using the same size driver?
So you can't buy something like this to make it work? http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=300-802
How do I know what amp to buy with a given driver?
You misunderstand. I was merely stating two things. I am not saying their ears are broken. I'm saying the speakers are low cost but they are not complaining and wondered why. Their ears are not as attuned, people that are so-called audiophiles are more attuned to what sound should sound like, and so on.One, I don't understand why the other folks like them so much. I'm sure I would probably agree with them, maybe not. I don't know.Two, partly humorous because the...
Can you just use stuff from Part-Express to do it?
I mean by a "regular" guy following directions on the Internet, tuned right, but not a professional speaker maker. I just found these and wondered about them. Or would it cost more to do it than buy it?
Oh man. I have no idea. It's $13. It has a "hump" on top with a hole so I wonder if that is the port.See this one? It's not this one but it has that "hump" I was talking about:http://www.bazooka.com/products/mobile/Passive-Bass-Tubes-Subwoofers-C7/BT-Series-S69/BT1214---BT-Series-12--4-ohm-Passive-Tube-P21I think the length is about maybe 2.5', looks like 6"+- for the driver end. I think the driver might be 5"?Here's the website I found the picture...
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