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I found, but haven't bought yet, an SAS bazooka subwoofer tube. It also has an older jl audio speaker in it. It's passive so I don't know how much that matters, but wondered if it could be use to make a powered subwoofer. Stay away? Would it work and be any good? I know it was for a car but wondered. looks like this:
That is a most interesting article. Thank you for posting it.
I am noticing my Tsi300 speakers don't sound as nice as I want...What have you guys done to me?
How much more for 91 vs. 89? Is it inconsequential?
What does it mean to localize a sub?
But what does that matter? That's what I don't understand. I have to turn my receiver up but other than that I don't know why it matters. It just makes me feel better.
Thanks. I never thought about it in the context of other things like you mentioned. I guess I feel the same way. But I do like the name brand Coke and Pepsi better than that danged Walgreen's, CVS, and Sam's Cola knockoff. . I will pay that extra .75. I'm a cola snob. I also like the fountain taste better, so I pay more for less, unless I put less ice in the cup, but I digress...
I like them in the BB store. None of them are perfect. No speaker is. I wouldn't be discouraged if they aren't the latest or greatest. In that range they sound fine to me.Klipsch can sound bright, in my experience, if not balanced right. I don't know if that's the right term, but when you play their big floorstanders, I think they're great and the polks are brighter.I do hate the BB display though. I hate most places. Their stuff never works. They have it turned...
I know that sounds like trolling. Sorry. I just keep looking at speakers on Craigslist, find a brand that isn't totally destroyed, and then look them up. If you go to Amazon or some other place and they speakers get 183 ***** stars and like 2 * one star reviews. I know people on the forums are in "the hobby," but is everyone's ear really that bad? Is it because they don't know what they are missing? I know many of you have a most discerning ear, more than will ever...
If a subwoofer says it goes down to 28Hz, does is it really go down to that level? Does that deteriorate over time, if the driver is in good shape? edit: is that low end all marketing?
New Posts  All Forums: