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Ha! I found it:http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/databass-movies-deep-bass-dmdb/#axzz2IH4Xvh44Yay.
So it doesn't mean "crap," some ancient technology?
I called Mirage. They had to look it up. It was from when Mirage was in Canada or something like that "bipolar" speaker, whatever that means. I don't know if that means it's junk but that's what it is. The "P" is not for Prestige, which is what I was most interested in.
They wear "ears" for a reason.
The grill is on it. It looks like one just based upon the size. They are smaller bookshelf speakers. I've never seen the sticker on the bottom though. Does it matter where the polk emblem sticker it? All I could find were ones that had it in the top right.
I qualify folks as best I can before I let them in. I don't like it, but in a former life I was pretty good at it. I have bought speakers without listening to them before. Thankfully, I didn't get burned. Twice. I'd probably do it again if the price were low enough. I take chances. Sub. Nope. Passed up one at Goodwill the other day for the same reason. No way I'm getting saddle with a boat anchor.
I'd buy it if I could hear it and if it did what I wanted. It does 28Hz which I don't know if that's low enough. Maybe not tripod WoW low but low enough for Iron Man sonic booms, Hulk, T-Rex. I don't know. I don't supposed I'd call him a "vendor." And people often buy things like this from garage sales. Sometimes you take a chance but my main holdback was that it was in storage and I could hear how low it was going to go. After talking to the guy, he didn't seem...
Are bookshelf Polk Monitor Series 2 any good? That's all they say, just monitor series 2. Also the sticker is at the bottom of the enclosure, just under or above the posts. All I have found were the polk audio stickers at the top right. I found a couple of the for $20 for the pair.
They were both 8" speakers.
They guy doesn't have it hooked up. It's in storage for past six months.
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