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32" is a good compromise. I've been successful moving both theater chairs and sofas through (but I think I had to take the legs off the sofa).
Acoustex Fabrics carries a fabric very similar to FR701. You might try them if you are still having payment issues with other vendors.
That is good progress. Looks great!
I think the jury is still out on UV rope and UV strip lights. Most rope light that claims to be UV is just purple. The UV strip lights will charge glow-in-the-dark paint but they don't work as well as traditional black lights (405nm vs. 365nm). Jeff Stewart with Night Sky Murals has experimented with both. Check out the posts towards the end of this thread.
Not everything on that website is acoustically transparent enough to place your speakers behind it. Stick with the ones Big listed (DMD or FR701). The suede fabric on that site might work for acoustic treatments, but you don't want to place it in front of your speakers.
I believe it's less than 1', maybe 9-11". 7channelfreak would have to throw a tape measure on it.
The black lights are there just to charge the star ceiling. The blue rope light is there for accent lighting. It will not properly charge the glow-in-the-dark paint on the ceiling.We also had 2 levels of soffit that needed light. The upper and lower soffits both have rope light. The upper soffit (closest to the star ceiling) also has black lights.
I just posted some pics of the Wildfire fixtures used in 7channelfreak's College Park build.
Forgot to post some pics from up in the light tray. In the tray on the lower soffit, there is a single run of 1/2" blue rope light. In the upper tray closest to the ceiling, there is another run of rope light as well as the black lights for charging the star ceiling. We chose to place the black lights along the front of the tray (closest to the crown) so they would light as much of the ceiling as possible, providing a good charge for the glow-in-the-dark stars and...
Very nice, AVTexan! It looks fantastic.
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