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That's what I figured, but I wasn't sure. I'm happy with it, but I've heard recent advice suggesting front walls benefit from some diffusion as well (Jeff Meier mentioned that during his initial visit to 7channelfreak's room). For a long time, 100% absorption on the front wall was the rule. Unless you plan on doing an acoustical analysis to determine your exact needs, I think you would be fine doing something similar.
It seems to have worked well for the front, although I haven't had any acoustic calibrations done so I can't say for sure. The back wall is a little different. There I have 4" of rigid insulation with FSK facing.
Can you provide a link for the LEDs you used to light your speakers?
No turning back now!
Do you have the Y-shaped plastic tool that came with the sprayer? One end of the tool is used to grab the edge of the brass nozzle (cap?). Once clipped over the cap, simply pull to remove. The other end of the tool has little teeth or prongs that slide over the 4-pronged star near the tip of the needle. Twist the Y-tool with the teeth engaged on the star and it should unthread. It will still sit tight inside the sprayer, but if you're careful to keep the teeth on the...
Yes, slide it down towards the threaded end until it's sitting flush against the taper. At least that is where mine currently sits.
32" is a good compromise. I've been successful moving both theater chairs and sofas through (but I think I had to take the legs off the sofa).
Acoustex Fabrics carries a fabric very similar to FR701. You might try them if you are still having payment issues with other vendors.
That is good progress. Looks great!
I think the jury is still out on UV rope and UV strip lights. Most rope light that claims to be UV is just purple. The UV strip lights will charge glow-in-the-dark paint but they don't work as well as traditional black lights (405nm vs. 365nm). Jeff Stewart with Night Sky Murals has experimented with both. Check out the posts towards the end of this thread.
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