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I was wondering with the PN50C7000 do i need the samsung BD player to convert from 2D to 3D while playing xbox? the guy at conns is trying to tell me i do!
never asked for a hand feeding but thanks for being a dick, and ive been reading and learning the break in procedures for my set, my conclusion is that samsungs are very prone to IR and i just was wondering what constituted burn in vs long IR.
i dont know how much longer i need to "break in" my set im already at like 260 hrs i believe. and yes all those hd chanels have there logos but if you just hit the zoom button once or twice it takes care of the issue. ive been playing some hardcore COD which doesnt have any sort of HUD so that should be helping too
yOu two crack me up arguing over some dumb **** lol but thanks to everyone with the advice.
well i didnt play any borderlands last night, and i ran the scrolling bar for about five hours today and have a 16X9 show on for 3 hours and i just checked the IR and its still slightly visible but not nearly as it was last night so hopefully with a few more days of scrolling bar and tv watching the IR should wipe... or at least i hope
Well when I was playing cod I enjoyed my brightness turned up as I could see everyone easier. Plus these were the settings David k. From cnet had suggested so that's why I had been using them but I'll lower them when I get home. I am running the scrolling bar currently and won't be home for another four to five hours so hopefully that should wipe the IR clean.
and yeah lag with lcd was a major concern especially with online fps's. so thats another big reason why i had originally gone with a G10, seems to have the least input lag of any plasma even though my samsung on game mode isnt much worse.
i have about 230 hours of use, i have had the pdp for about 2 months or so. after i hit the 200 hour mark i bumped my cell light to 10, contrast to 98, and brightness to 48...
yeah for sure but i do both gaming and watch movies, and the PQ of plasma cant be matched by most LCD or LED except for a select few that are all over priced which is the typical problem with LCD/LED. Even so before i sold my G10 because of fears of rising black levels, this type of gameplay would have never posed an issue. gotta love my buzzing, image retaining samsung!
yeah whenever i put it into game mode the pictures drop to standard, but i keep the settings jacked up still i enjoy my game looking great but i guess ill tone it down in order to save my pdp from burn in. it sucks because my panasonic never had this issue.
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