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Meh. A simple unplugging of the machine for 5 minutes seems to have resolved this issue, along with some freezing/unresponsive issues I was having. I thought a firmware update and reset of settings would have accomplished similar results. Guess not.Now if I can figure out why I'm getting log in errors when attempting to connect to my iMac I'll be good.
This is a helpful site...http://bluray.liesinc.net/index.php?region=b
The PS3 won't provide lossless audio while in 3D, though, will it?
Thanks for the responses. That puts it in the same neighborhood as my current television. I'll probably go ahead with it. I'm pretty amped up to watch 3D on a 65 inch screen. I just wanted to make sure it wouldn't turn my place into an oven.
I'm seriously considering purchasing a 65st50, but it would be for a bedroom. How much heat does it produce? That's really my only worry. I have a 3 year old Samsung PN50B650 that can make things uncomfortably warm. Thanks in advance.
Has anyone purchased the 6160? I've searched for reviews, but haven't had much luck finding any opinions yet. Anyone have an idea what improvements they've made over the 6140?
Thanks for posting. I ran into a similar issue for the first time this morning. The only input that would work was HDMI/DVI. After receiving no input signals while switching cables around for a couple of minutes a message appeared onscreen that read "DVI Notice" and went on to explain that my HDTV didn't support HDMI. Below the written text was a picture of an HDMI port crossed out in red with the word "NO" written above it while a component input beside it was circled...
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