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I talked to Paradigm shortly after my last post and thought I would post one of their more interesting suggestions here. They said I might want to rotate the tweeter midrange assembly 180 degrees so the tweeter is on the bottom. Never thought about that. I haven't tried it yet because my setup isn't finished and I would like to do a before and after comparison, but I looked at the tweeter assembly and rotating it 180 degrees would lower the tweeter by more than 4 inches...
Not trying to draw the subject away from Andy's original post so my apologies, but I have a similar scenario. I have the Sig W5/W5c on-wall LCR's up front and ADP3's for side surrounds. I have 7 feet behind my seating position and concur to using direct radiating speakers on the back wall. Now I'm trying to figure out what direct radiating rear speakers will match my setup without going into debt.
You have been a big help... thank you very much for taking the time.
Just one more question so I can at least start mounting the speakers. In the event I do notice a problem after the speakers are mounted, any idea how thick the "mini DIY acoustical panels" for the top of the cabinet would need to be? This way I can leave enough space between the speakers and cabinet. As it is now, there will only be 1" of space, but if the acoustical panels will need to be 2" thick, I'll want to raise the speakers another inch. Thanks much for your help.
Interesting how you specifically referred to the tweeters. Could you explain why so I can understand better? Thanks
Here is a picture of the audio cabinet and the display waiting to be mounted on the back wall. You can also see the corner which is what keeps me from spacing the speakers further apart. Thanks.
I would but nothing is in place yet. The audio cabinet is still a couple feet out from the wall after mounting the wall bracket for the display. The display is ready to hang on the wall but until I know how high I'm mounting the speakers I can't adjust the display bracket. I attached a quick drawing but if you want to see pics of the components I can do that as well. Thanks BTW, the speakers are Paradigm Signature W5/W5C
I was preparing to mount my front on-wall speakers when I noticed a problem, and have no clue how to handle it. I found numerous posts about speaker clearance to the sides (i.e. walls) but nothing about clearance underneath on-wall speakers. The plan was to mount the speakers just outside and above the very ends of an audio cabinet 25" high x 27" deep x 85" long. But now I'm concerned if the minimal clearance between the bottom edge of the speaker and the top of the...
Split entry house with home theater in main living area. Do I have a great wife or what? Oh wait, I'm divorced The display, speakers and sub are against an exterior wall on one end of the house. Nothing but an unused attic above with the standard blown in insulation. The neighbors 2 story house is approximately 40 feet away and on higher ground so their first floor doesn't even begin until two thirds of the way up the rooms on my main floor. I like these people and want...
Wow, 3 days! She probably said that because it would only take her 3 days to cover her tracks.
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