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This is not just a problem with your TV, it's really any big screen TV and it's not the TV, it's the signal from your cable/satellite provider. Put a DVD in and all those blurs go away. The signal coming in from the providers are junk, I see this on bigger tv's than smaller units for obvious reasons but you are not alone. I have Time Warner digital.
Thanks, i actually saw your post and looked at those TV's before i posted this, I'm a little surprised who much the price has gone on up on these type of displays. All the older 2010 models are no longer available. I was hoping to find a LE8500 which is exactly what im looking for but they are not available and vendors who do carry them are sketchy and asking 5k which is outrageous.
Fair enough, But the whole point of this thread is to find TV's with Full Array + Local dimming!
You are correct however they are not a true full array tv "EH aren't fully back lit, the LEDs are spaced further apart so they can use less of them, hence the reason this is the lower level model. (This was the description from the Samsung trainer or at least close to it)"
The samsung models you noted are all edge lit and didn't even check to see if it had any dimming features. http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-UN46EH...mparison_Chart The only samsung that is not edge lit i remember from years ago was the 8000 series going for 5k while everyone else was between 2-3k.
paying anything near 3k for a 40+ LED tv with these features is just not smart. I can afford it but I have not lost my mind to dump that kind of money.
A couple years ago I pre-ordered a Full array with local dimming LED tv and I could not be happier but now I'm looking for another TV and it just seems like all the manufacturers are shying way from making them. I want to blame Samsung for this b/c they had the niche with their LED tvs passing them on as "LED TV's instead of Edge-Lit LED which they make apparent now in their advertising but everyone soon followed since samsung was doing so well with their TV sales and the...
I read about 20 pages till i got a headache. I hate to do this but im going to give up my full array with local dimming 55"LG to try either 732 or 733. Question: from reading it appears the 733 is not a true 240hz tv. Can someone elaborate on the Sharp version of 240 and would one notice a difference watching Cable only between 732 and 733? thanks
Thanks for the reply, so If I'm understanding correctly you believe the Standard setting is the best already on this TV. If so I have to agree this is the setting i use with minor tweaks. What i have noticed however is that when i turn off some of the features you recommend the picture becomes a little fuzzy when the objects are moving on the screen. Not sure how to prevent this but setting some of those to Low. One thing that really bothers me is in dark scenes when...
Can someone explain to me why a lot of these settings like Noise, 240hz, dynamic contrast are all turned off based on the recommendations in this post? Isn't one of the reasons these tv's get better and better over the years because they offer these features? Lastly What is the best setting for watching just HD tv Time warner i believe its 1080i not 1080p. The settings im using are these below and i have noticed nothing different when turning off a lot of those...
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