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I measured the mounting holes on the back of mine at 11.75 by 26.75 inches(approx). With an online calculator it converts to 298 x 679 mm. I measured twice from the side of the tv and think it's pretty close. The numbers in the manual are 684 x 300 which should be more accurate than my measurement. You stated 400 so you may want to check that again. Your link won't work for me. I see the support page for plasma's at panasonic won't work, searching for this tv gets nothing...
That year had the floating blacks. I saw reports of the letterbox bars fluctuating the black levels when the contrast on the screen changed. Annoying to some folks. The S60 doesn't have an anti glare filter so the tv will look gray with light on in the room, the VT should trump that with it's filter. 54 inch is a good size tv and the fact that it is a VT should give you some quality.
Good points Randy, I make sure the hertz is at 60 in the monitor tab and not something like 59.xxx. I wonder if he's using an AVR which can have an effect on how all this works.
I have a 560ti going to my AVR then VT60 and it works fine using the DVI(port2 mirrored) to HDMI dongle over a 25 foot cable and the MINI HDMI port works the same using a mini to full adapter between the included mini cable and same long cable. Strange how the newer cards have a problem. You may try posting over at the HTPC forum section.
If you feed it a 480p/i signal the tv will remember the last setting and display it like that. Check the input resolution by hitting the INFO button on the remote. The tv has a separate memory for HD and SD sources.So if you want gray side bars turn them on and they will come back on in the brightness selected when you switch back to an SD signal. Same goes for the stretch settings like JUST, every time you go from HD to SD it will display in JUST mode while HD can be...
Since the tv is irreplaceable I'd be on it like a hawk, help out or whatever it takes. There's a saying in the auto repair industry, $75 an hour, $100 if you watch, $150 if you help. So with that in mind a $20 tip for helping ain't so bad
You can use a flashdrive, 3.0 should work at 2.0 speeds. A portable drive won't work due to lack of power on the tv's port. A powered external drive will work but no larger than 2TB due to larger data block sizes. Fat32 and NTFS should work. You will need a 2010/11 or newer tv to get the built in media player. Not sure of all the audio and video formats that work and if you want to play a movie MKV will work with simple audio codec like stereo. Not sure if AVI video will...
Correct, Auto means off.
Hit > menu > picture > scroll down to screen settings and scroll to pixel orbiter. You should know that it's not available in THX mode. I have the pro modes unlocked and it can be turned on in there or custom mode. I'd go check other modes but someone else is using it, lol.
Have you checked the hours on it? I'd do this as early in your use as you can.Hit menu, help, version and look at Status 4. The hours are on the left of the hyphen. Should look something like A0098 for 98 hours.
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