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I have to agree!!
I still listen to rock but now I listen to alot of jazz as the studios are pretty detailed and clear. I don't mean elevator music either. I look for up beat jazz that is clear and I like alot of percussion. Stevie Ray Vaughan also sounds great on the 60's.
I have the paradigm studio 60's in a 2 channel setup with a cambridge audio 85 wpc and they produce alot of bass in the room I have them in. No sub. I still would go listen to a few different speakers like klipsch, paradigm and others to see what type of sound you like. I was a classic rock person, untill I got the studio's and now my musical tastes have changed somewhat.
My suggestion is to go and listen to a klipsch speaker and see if you like the sound. They would work great with classic rock, but remember the price for the klipsch is per speaker. The klipsch would be the easiest to drive as they are very sensitive and would work best with only 70 wpc. The other suggested speakers are much harder to drive. (sorry guys) A sub would probaly be not needed with the klipsch with 2 channel listening. Classic rock, easy to drive, loud = klipsch
I ended up getting a 12" hertz sub and kenwood amp for it and also replaced the front component speakers with hertz speakers and it sounds great. I kept the volume of the sub down and kept it musical rather than the booming subs that I hear all the time. Its sounds much better, clearer, more dynamic and detailed as that is what I'm used to with my paradigm speakers at home. Very happy!!
Odds are, the factory speakers are not that bad. I would start by adding a powered subwoofer. AND/OR something like this: http://www.amazon.com/JBL-MS-8-Serie.../dp/B003KN2TQ2 It will provide amplification and logic 7 auto EQ that is pretty bad assed. It will also provide crossover functionality. A small amplifier and subwoofer would just rock your system! Giving you that bottom octave and a half with the authority your current speakers just can't do. This allows your...
Hello?? No one here into car audio?
I just bought a 2013 elantra with a nav. It has a upgraded 6 speaker system, 1 pair in the rear door and component in the front doors and has a supposed external amp. I was thinking of swapping out the factory speakers for a better product as I wasn't thrilled with the factory speakers. I went into my local audio store and was told that probaly not worth doing @ this time. He said wait untill the speakers are older as they aren't that bad. He said if I really wanted...
Now there is a post where 100% of the people would agree with!!
I meant if you really wanted bookshelves and went with mini monitor you would save money as opposed to the 10's, and you would save money with the monitor series center channel rather then the cc490. Also some other members can suggest other names that they have had experiance with and within your budget.
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