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If your married then I suggest not to buy ugly speakers because the wife will never let you forget it!!!
An audiophile is a person with a strong interest in high-quality sound (usually music) reproduction.[1] Audiophile values may be applied at all stages of music reproduction: the initial audio recording, the production process, and the playback, which is usually in a home setting. "Audiophile" recordings include those using conventional formats but with special attention to audio quality, as well as recordings in high-resolution formats such as Super Audio CD or...
You could go with the paradigm mini monitors if you really need bookshelves. The montior 7's would roughly be the same price as the 10's. Generally the paradigm dealers will give a discount which can also help with your budget. The 7's do have a small footprint. I hope that helps.
Have you thought about paradigm's monitor series 7 as you could save some money that way, or get more for your dollar. They were released just a few months back. I'm sure some other members can chime in with some other suggestions also.
I read awhile ago that there are 2 types of audiophiles. 1- Where the person justs enjoys listening to music. 2- Where the equipment used becomes the important part of the experiance. Don't really know myself though
I just checked the klipsch KHO-7 and it sure is a nice looking speaker. Stupid Question, Does anyone worry about outdoor speakers getting stolen and is there anyway to protect this from happening?
It wouldn't matter what speaker or product was on you tube, someone will always say negative things. whether it's you tube or anywhere else on the internet. I,ve seen many videos on you tube including my own with different brands of speakers from reputable manufacturers and you will always get someone with something bad to say. It could be the best speaker in the world and it would still happen. Although no one would ever agree on what is the best speaker in the...
I think avs is best place on the internet to discuss our mutual hobbies, but sometimes I wish there was a seperate thread just for people who feel Like I do. People who just enjoy this hobby, without getting into nasty debates and put downs and all the other negativity. I guess in the real world that is not possable as the thread would die off or get derailed, but it's still a nice thought. Myself I like to talk people who do own other speakers from what I have as opposed...
I wish the op all the best in his quest for speakers. I think we all know both companies produce great products and it will come down to personal preference. Your money, your ears. My advice would be to enjoy the whole process, because before you know it, you will be at home with new speakers. For me a speaker purchase was different from other purchases and I really wanted to just enjoy the whole experiance. Kinda like savour the moment. Enjoy :P
QUOTE=buzzy_;21915106]A couple things to keep in mind ... - Speaker accuracy rarely survives being put in a real room. - But you can help it a lot with good placement and a room that's not too challenging. (Eg, hard surfaces in the wrong places.) - As far as I've seen, the vast majority of people who complain about speakers - eg, too bright, etc - never gave much thought to the placement or the room. Nope, it's the speakers, they're sure. The engineers who...
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