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OK - Optoma has the FIX NOW, got a email from their service, they pickup up my projector and updated the firware where now it acceps all types of Blue-Ray players. So call them and make the arrangements to have the new firmware installed. Yes, I was the guinea pig but now we all have the FIX. Good luck.
After being frustrated not being able to use the HDMI, i went for one more try and purchased a Sony blue-ray w/Netflix and after playing with video setting I have it finally working now. It seems that Optoma can "talk" to Sony projectors but not others. Today, I have recived a message from Optoma that they will be coming out with the firmware update to correct the issue. They will let me know when the firmware becomes available. That's the latest.
I have received the projector back from Optoma service and they told they would change the motherboard which I am not sure if they did or not but I will take their word that the did. So the projector came back with same issue at 720 blue ray output showing same green-scrambled screen. They said the have tested it but I am not convinced that anyone used any blue ray dvd player as a source. Most likely they used some sort of signal generator with a test pattern despite...
Well, I spoke several times with Optoma support and this monday I sent my HD71 back for service. They will try to get this fixed. I will post the results once I know more. I purchase a samsung lue-ray player to test and had same results. So, there's clearly some handshaking issues going on with blue-ray players. Mine worked fine with component 1080i.
I wanted to share fre things about my setup. Few weeks ago I purchased Onkyo TX-SR507 receiver, 4 - HDMI in, 1 HDMI out, with the though ofconnecting my new LG BD370 Blu-Ray player with Netflix capability. Also I wanted to connect my Optimum Cable HD receiver. Well, here's my dilleama and hopefully someone might give me some guidance. I loved the HDMI connectivity of my cable hd receiver and the roku box, picture was great, loved it. The minute I connected the LG...
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