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Just listened to "Last Vegas" in English 5.1HD DTS, voices were coming out of Surrounds ?? Everything was setup correctly,... when i changed language to French 5.1 HD DTS ,voices came from Center Channel correctly ??
Got player 1.5 months ago , came with "Original Firmware" (910) ? , I never experienced this problem Before Upgraded firmware,...has nothing to do with discs im sure, happened on brand new Gravity Disc and on another last night,all since Upgraded firmware. . Just re installed firmware with success, but after turning OFF at end ,then ON, never asked to re-set to "default settings" like it did the first time ?Will have to see if happens again ??
Disc was scratch free,..2nd freeze since update in about 4 hrs of use .
Did the update for the "last input" feature and did the factory default , dust ??...103d has less than 10hrs of use?Oppo is connected to AVR,..Cable box is connected to Back HDMI .
Second time 103D Freezing since the lastest Firmware Update 0218 ,Grrrrr Happened 1.5 hours into "Wolf of Wallstreet" ....Nothing , no FF ,RW ,Eject,... Had to reboot ? Got the latest Update to have "Last Input" function, now having these troubles since then , Why would it freeze 1.5 hours into a movie ?? Did not expect this from a 700.00 dollar BP !
Thank you for explaining that Bob !
^^^^ When using HDMI , the Manual suggests if you have a Reciever capable of decoding HD Audio to set Audio output to Bitstream ,.. Is that correct , just to make sure ??
Don't the Inuke Amps have 12v triggers to turn on Automatically when Reciever is turned on ?
Your right again Bob !, unplugged it for a little and problems resolved !! Is there a certain order in which i should power up all A/V components to avoid this happening again ? We're lucky to have u here Bob !! Thanks !
Oppo 103D is Acting all Weird since the latest Firmware I download yesterday, I downloaded the Update to PC via wi-fi , then to a usb stick , then to oppo , everything seemed to go fine. Now when watching cable box through Back hdmi, when i press Darbee nothing appears like before , when i change Inputs back to Bluray OFF ilghts up on front of 103D , try the Open button on remote -nothing ?? Can i download again using a direct internet connection and re-install ??
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