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Please, It is not productve to argue. What amp do you have? How much? Thats this thread in a nutshell. I thought it would be cool for everyone to be able to share. Something we all have in common, we have amps. This thread has nothing to do with "the great debate". It was meant to be fun and light. Nothing technical at all. I crafted it intentionally to hopefully avoid these pitfalls-- and to be all inviting-- a communal thing. Thanks for all who participate...
Your comments are neither constructive, nor welcome. Feel free to stay out of my threads. I'm instituting a no b.s. Policy. Piss off.Others should do the same. We outnumber this crap! Enough is enough.
My boss swears by the used market. He loves audiogon and is building an audio research system bit by bit. Great way to kill time at work, chatting about our common hobby.
Wow, strong support in the upper price ranges. I'm happily surprised. Some serious gear here!
Try to pm them. They'll get an email alert. Best of luck.
^^ Top recommended receiver around that time. My brother has one. Still going strong. He loves it.
I'm definitely a fan of top performing systems at modest prices. Sounds like the outlaw and paradigm + sub would be a great setup! I spent roughly $2500 all in for my modest 2ch setup. The heart of the system is an Arcam A19 integrated. I love this little amp! Priced right at the 1k mark. It drives a pair of Leema Xeros. What an exciting pair! I built the system with my spouse in mind. She even braved the audition process. She even comes with and buys vinyl! ...
Great setups so far. Bell demographic so far centered on 750-1000. Keep em coming!
Just what has the average user here at avs allocated for funds to drive their 2 channel system? If you could do it again would you have spent a little more, a lot more, less? If you have more than one system you can answer more than once. Sorry, should say integrated!
Has there ever been any phase angle vs impedance published for these? Curious.
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