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One Question about wattage though the pioneer has an output of 125 Watts per channel. What happens if i use a speaker rated at 75 watts or 100 watts
Thats awesome. This forum is really great. Now are there any speakers you can reccomend apart form the ones i said for around $300 and possibly a subwoofer
ok i downloaded the manual and on page 44 that is shown below it says the guaranteed speaker impedance is 6-16 ohms. does this mean it can use a speaker with an impedance of 6-16 ohms with out any problems?
wait so does that mean that it can do both 6 ohms and 8 ohms. What happens if i use a 6 ohms speaker with an 8 ohm system? or vice versa
sorry i just checked i dont think it will work. The speakers are 8ohms and it says the pioneers are 6 ohms
so the speakers should be fine then i wouldent have to worry about much?
ok well i am fairly new to home theatre systems and was wondering if this combination would work. Pioneer VSX-519V: http://www.jbhifionline.com.au/hi-fi...eceiver/448194 And Steinman THR2: http://www.aussiehifi.com.au/buy/thr...pack/THR2-Pack What happens if i power 100 watt speakers with a 125 watt amp?
thats alot of money
looks awesome. what are those speakers
damn thats real nice
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