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Yes, it's still available. I'm sending you a PM too.
It has a clamping weight (I have a photo of it but just didn't add, I'll add that too...) but the CD is loaded label up.
Up for sale is a rare XA7ES, Sony's Class A flagship model of 1996, retailing for $3000. It has seen minimal use and is in perfect working order. I have essentially no time to sit and listen to music any more with a toddler so I have decided to downsize my equip. I have more photos and a short video of the tray opening and closing if you wish to see it let me know and I can send it to you. On the listing I mentioned that I will ship anywhere but due to the weight (38...
When you listen to the speaker levels in "level calibration" (post audyssey) does it sound even then? Does the problem persist when you swap out various discs in the source? If neither of these shed any light for you it is possible that there is a speaker setting within your source setup that is throwing uneven L/R sound at you. Make sure your audio out in your source is set to bitstream audiophile (or equivalent) or try a different source like a cd or dvd player.
Wow, it's been a while since I've checked in here, pleased to see some new faces and some older ones! I have a question that might be directed towards some of the more older school DT owners. A couple years ago I bought some parts from our ebay guy to make a pair or CLR2000's to use as surround backs to round out a 7.1 system. But then I got busy becoming a father and moving and Lord only knows what else and I am only now just getting around to setting them up,...
Does anyone have a pdf version of the service manual for lnt4071f, 4671f, or 5271f?
Hey all, I have the LNT4071F and the speakers are blown. I did a search of this forum and didn't find the answer but I was wondering if anyone knew where I could track down replacement speakers for the tv?
They were JC 1's, 1x400watts into 8 ohms. Don't know if the source of the clip was the amp or the speaker but the speaker is where the clipping came from. It is plain that a sub is needed and I just wonder why in the premier room they would knowingly have a setup that produces clipping at only moderate levels. Throw a couple thousand dollar sub in the corner, which would be pennies compared to what was already spent on the room, and eliminate the issue!
Kind of a side note bud I have a friend who is interested in the new Golden Ear speakers so I tagged along this weekend for a 1 hr hike to the dealer store and we got to spend 2.5 hrs demoing stuff, it was amazing! We of course listened to the triton2's. The salesman (who was really cool) hauled em into one of their theater rooms with acoustic treatments and hooked them up to a parasound 2 channel amp and we played music for about 20-30 min. I was pleasantly shocked...
I agree with KJ. I am running 7001's and a 3000 across my front and originally I had 2x's and found they could not keep up with the front sound stage. I made the jump to bpvx's which is the ideal match and I found that upgrade perfectly rounded things out. If you don't have the budget for vx's I would recommend highly that you seek out some bpx's instead as you can probably find a used set for a few hundred. You have a killer front set and I am quite certain you will...
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