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Radiance Mini Like new bought last year. Original box, remote, manual etc. Thanks Mark
Dont see it advertised at Best Buy? How did you get the deal? In store only or something? Thanks
Curttard, I had a 4810 and the gamma you are getting was my experience as well (avg around 1.5 u shaped) Using Calman with i1pro, bat cave, 110" 16x9 Also undersaturated green (Typical with JVC it seems) unless I used the animation mode If I remember correctly (It was one of the mode not typically recomended like film, natural etc) I played around with the JVC controls for ever and could not get a decent result, that is getting gamma correct left a dim picture. I could...
Bump $350 shipped to US address
Integra 80.1 preamp Excellent condition. 100% operational no issues. Always in closed temp controlled cabinet. No scratches, there are few smudges on top surface, not noticeable unless you are looking under bright light. Original box and packaging. Remote and Audessy mic included. I will post pics soon. Price reduced Thanks Mark
Original owner. Near new condition, always in closed cabinet. Original box and accessories. Akron Ohio PayPal Thanks
3 months old. Excellent condition. Original box and accessories. Free ship to continental US PayPal Thanks
For sale: Original owner Integra DHC 9.9 HT preamp Excellent 9+ of 10 condition. Bought new and has been in vented enclosed cabinet ever since. Really like new condition no marks or scratches anywhere. Never had any problems with this unit, worked flawlessly since new. Have original remote, Audessy mike and owners manual. Have original box and packaging. Will ship double boxed. Interested parties let me know your zip and I will provide ship cost. I am located Akron...
Hope someone can help me out. My JVC 4810 almost new only 16 hrs on bulb. Randomly turns off. Power light on steady RED Lamp light blinking AMBER Warning light on steady RED The JVC manual does not describe the above led condition. Pulling the power cord and resetting fixes problem temporary. Im bummed if I have to send this to JVC. Bought from AVS "4810 B stock with new lamp" Makes me wonder what the issue was originally? I mean the 4810 gets "special" quality control...
I have had it with AVS Thought I started a new Post with this but the moderator decided to put it under an older post about "the ads are obnoxious" Really? Ops just left my mouse over the "Blood of gods" ad while I was typing this. Better pay up to disable them NOT
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