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So how do you have them setup? Large or small and what crossover frequency?
-BP7006 for front left and right -CLR2300 for center Would there be any benefit (Or would it even matter) if you hooked up the the sub from each of the above speakers to the respective pre-out from the receiver? For example I have a denon AVR-989 which has pre-outs for each channel. Would it make any difference by having the line go from the receiver pre-out (Front left, Front Right and Center) to the speakers? This compared to splitting the sub channel 2 or 3 ways.
You guys at Def Tech are truly amazing. Customer service goes such a long way in my book because most companies do not understand it...So I took apart my BP7006 tower and had this awful scratching sound coming out of one 4.5" speaker. I took the speaker out, tested it separately and it worked fine. Figured it was wiring or the crossover. I actually tried the rear 4.5" driver separately and found out that it was the one that was either blown or defective. So I found the...
Ok that is exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks very much!
Hi Everyone, Sorry if this is a repost, but I'm contemplating using external amps with my receiver and I was wondering if anything has to be done to the electrical system. For example if I currently have my subwoofer, receiver, HTPC and TV plugged into a power bar, would I need to get any additional equipment in order to run a 5 channel amplifier as well? Any help would be appreciated...thanks!
I purchased a set of Definitive technology bp7006's which have two 4.5" mid range drivers and a built in sub. For some reason the mid range drivers are producing a static crackling sound.... Kind of like a radio station that isn't tuned properly... I took them out of the tower and tested the drivers alone and they worked fine... So they aren't blown... Sub works for fine as well. This is happening with just one tower. Other one works fine... Anyone know what would cause...
Hi Everyone, I'm a new Def Tech owner and I've paired them with a denon 989. To make this as short as possible, I'm now having a crackling from my bp7006 mid range drivers. I took them apart and tested the driver on its own and it works fine. So something inside is off. My amp has been going into protection mode stating there is a speaker lead issue but all connections were fine. Has anyone encountered this before? This is my single bp7006...
I just tried changing the crossovers and settings and got a lot of clipping from my right channel even at a very low volume... I don't get it.
So I'm really frustrated now... I can't even get through at -20dbs when a loud scene comes on. If anyone has any experience with a similar setup please let me know! I'm running Definitive Technology BP7006's which have a built in subwoofer and also plugged in (I have two of these). I also have a def tech CLR 2300 center channel with a built in subwoofer which I currently have unplugged. Def tech surrounds. I did the Audyssey setup and I've experimented with all of the...
I planned originally on using it as a 7.1, but I have to find a good pair of speakers...so for now I'm just keeping it as 5.1I'm running my fronts off of Speaker A, center and surrounds...The red light was flashing twice a second...that is what the manual/people say about that particular error. I sure hope it isn't amp failure!
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