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The Vizio recommendation for 10mm is pretty generous. A 16mm screw without any brackets or washers won't hit any of the TVs internals in any of the 4 holes. If you want to go shorter that's fine so long as the screw gets enough threads to hold the weight of your 55 pound TV. Part of the problem is that the mounts that are intended for a 60 inch TV are usually fairly heavy duty because many TVs in this class weigh a lot more so the brackets may be fairly thick. Add in a...
According to the Wikipedia entry, a non polarized C7 will fit into a polarized C8 receptacle but if the device isn't designed to handle non-polarized power, then you have a 50% chance of a serious problem Are you volunteering to find out?
My HTPC is outputting 1080p60 & the Vizio is handling it just fine.
I would be worried that the screws that came with the TV are too short. The threads in the TV are recessed & I found that the screws that my TV came with only threaded in a few turns without any brackets. With a thicker bracket you might only have one full turn of threads in use. My Monoprice mount came with 30mm long bolts and those thread in about 18mm before they touched anything. Instead of using spacers I bought some M6 x 16mm bolts at Ace Hardware and used those.To...
I wonder if someone with audio sync issues has tried turning on the game mode setting on the input that gives them sync issues? Game mode should reduce processing lag which might reduce the sync issue to the point that it isn't noticeable.
I have an Onkyo 605 with a couple of composite devices hooked up (Wii and a VCR). I have it set to output everything to HDMI, but I am using the auto setting in the hidden menu. From time to time after using my Wii, the 605 will suddenly stop outputting the analog video over HDMI (HDMI video sources still work). I've tried messing with lots of settings, but it just won't output the analog video (I can hear the sound though). Then, maybe a day or 2 later, my 605 starts...
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