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I've had an issue on my 4520ci receiver where the speakers will randomly turn off while using any source device. I can hear the relay click like its actually turning the amplifiers off. Sometimes it turns just the mains off, but usually it turns them all off. Sometimes the speakers power back up on their own, but usually they do not. Cycling power on the receiver usually turns the speakers back on but sometimes that doesn't even work. Strangely enough giving the...
I own both the PS3 and the Oppo BDP-93. I have to give the edge to the PS3 still being a bit more capable. There have been a few cases where I have received some beat up disks from Netflix and the Oppo wouldn't play them, but the PS3 would. Other than that I would say they both do an outstanding job.
Thanks Jerry. My input is over the Network (media server) which the manual indicates is an acceptable input for Zone 2 preout playback. My vol. level is also set to variable. Any other ideas?
I ran into an issue with my avr4520 in using the zone 2 preout. I have a 11.2 setup but also wanted to use the zone 2 preout to supply audio to my deck. I could not get any audio out of the zone 2 preout connection. I do get audio out of the media player output which as stated in the manual outputs the zone 2 audio as well. The problem with using that output is that I cannot adjust the line level volume. It appears to be locked at max from that output which makes the...
Time to do some reading because this is just plain wrong. Seriously, google it or go to gamespot.com and have a read. PS4 clearly won't require a connection as Sony has officially announced that it won't and the next Xbox is now rumored not to as well due to all the backlash they received when initial rumors said MS was going to require always on internet.All of you who think there will be no physical media for 4K obviously have not read up on internet up-time and...
You must get bad fuel mileage.
I don't know. I kind of have to put the 100GB download more in the physical media court than online delivery. The advantage to online delivery is immediate on demand consumption. Depending on download speed I might be able to run to walmart and buy a bluray before the 100GB download finishes or even buffers enough for me to start watching without a rebuffer every 5 minutes.
Well if I'm going to spend $500 on a game system I don't want to have to spend another $130 for a larger hard drive, external or internal. Guess that's just me though.
How large is the PS4 hard drive going to be I wonder. Even if you don't have to worry about ISP caps or DL speeds, even a 2 TB drive is only going to hold 20 movies, less likely since there will other stuff on the hard drive also. I'd rather not buy a PS4 and then have to spend another 200 bucks to upgrade the hard drive. Oh well, I don't have to worry about it. My projector is 1080P and not going anywhere for quite some time. 4K is a cool concept, but really has no...
I use this technology as a simple extender to run from my receiver output to my projector. It's been rock solid for 2 years. Excited to see the new functionality coming and the fact that some big players are starting to incorporate it. If they do it right it should beat the pants off of HDMI.
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