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Got mine all set up today. Loving it. Watched some Thor in 2.35 3D glory. Beautiful! As long as the room is darkened at you have it set to normal mode the picture is plenty bright to my eyes. One question though. Has anyone else tried to set their PS3 to 3D using this projector yet? My PS3 is not identifying it as a 3D device for some reason.
I think everyone else has been advising against this since PP will provide a full replacement if there are under 4 hours on the bulb.
Monoprice also has a BaseT technology model equivalent to the Accel model described in the original article that is also considerably less money and I can personally attest to its quality. I have tested it with a 1080P signal over 75ft of Cat6 to my TV and it worked perfectly. I should be getting my 3D capable projector this week and will see how well it does with 3D 1080P signals.
The 'U' just means it is a US model. They also have an 'E' for Europe and 'W' for rest of world including Japan.
According to PP I will be getting my projector 1st week of October. Might be earlier for those in line in front of me.
I think I understand what you are saying. Basically if I wanted a 2.35:1 image to fill the screen with no black bars without using zoom I would have to mount at least 9.9' back. If I will be using zoom to fill the 2.35:1 screen I can mount at 7.4' back minimum. Is that the difference or am I missing it? Thanks.
Looking at the ae7000u manual and spec sheet they list two different minimum distances based on whether you are projecting on a 2.35:1 screen or as they put it, "switching between 2.35:1 and 16.9:1 aspect images and viewing on a 2.35:1 size screen." The former requiring a longer minimum throw distance. Can someone who has used the lens memory feature before explain this to me? Seems to me like the 2.35:1 throw distance should be the same regardless of whether you use...
Thanks for the heads up!
Yes. I sent an email to Xpand tech support and they said the universal 103 glasses will work with this projector. Helluva lot cheaper than the panny glasses.
I am on the list at projectorpeople.com. I won't talk price here out of respect for the forum, but you can call them for more info. They said they fully expect the ae7000u to be shipping to them from Japan in the next week or so and should be able to turn around and ship to buyers by end of September or first week of October. They will be getting 100 units total for first shipment. I am number 57 on the list.
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