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No I haven't though I have heard about some of the network card issues. Strange that the network card would have anything to do with the HDMI syncing.
Has anyone run into an issue with their 4810 where periodically the HDMI doesn't sync up with any of the input or output devices? This happens to me about 4 or 5 times a week and the only way to get it to sync is to do a hard power cycle with the physical spring lock power switch. Not a big deal, but a bit of a pain and it never used to be a problem. Just popped up in the last few weeks.
The receiver that just keeps giving. I just got to play with another feature the other day now that I own a Droid X. I put all my MP3's on the Droid X. Connected the Droid X to my 4810 through my router (Droid X -> WIFI -> router -> hardwire -> 4810) using the DLNA app and played my MP3's from my Droid X on the 4810 in the media room downstairs. When I went upstairs to grab a snack I used the Denon AVR remote app on my Droid X to turn on zone 2 so I could play the...
Use the STD button on the Denon remote to switch between listening modes. One of the modes will be PLIIz and if selected it should turn DSX off.
Just an FYI for anyone with a PS3. Rent Heavy Rain and appreciate how well the heights bring in the rain in situations where it is hitting something overhead. Its probably the best use of the heights I've heard yet. Sounds good in both DSX and PLIIz.
Guys, finally got some pics. Sorry about the wait. I have a few more I'll try to get up later.
My bad. I'll get some as soon as I can. I haven't actually trolled this particular forum yet. Shoulda read the rules. Sorry about that.
I am pretty new to the forum though I have trolled it for a while. I have really enjoyed all the collective knowledge on here and even the opinions. Here is a list of my set up. Hope to add some pics later. TV: LG 52LG70 with a home-made dimmable back light Receiver/Amplifier: Denon 4810CI w/ full 11.1 DSX setup Emotiva UPA-2 for mains Speakers: Center - Elemental Designs A6-6T6 MTM Mains - Elemental Designs A6-6T6 Towers Surrounds - Elemental Designs...
I have DSX heights and wides set up and have really enjoyed the expanded soundstage for movies and 5.1 TV. I haven't experienced any of the echos or other issues that some are complaining about except in a few poorly done commercials. I'm with SeattleHTguy on this one. DSX is great. Now if I switch back to normal 7.1 or even PLIIz I just feel like I'm not getting the whole experience. This is for TV and movies. The jury is still out on music. I haven't had a chance...
I've done a bit of reading on the 4010. Seems like the main benefit is the Denon Link 4th. Other than that both the Oppo and 4010 are universal players. So if Denon Link 4th is worth whatever it is you will be spending on the 4010, go for it. From what I understand from the reading I've done is 4th helps reduce audio jitter esp when outputting a PCM signal from the player. If you are outputting bitstream I really don't see how the clock matching that 4th does can help...
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