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I have a Samsung 6500 (Model Number UN55D6500VF and Model Code UN55D6500VFXZA) and a Pioneer VSX-1026-K receiver. I get surround sound on the TV when I watch cable TV because my PVR is plugged into the receiver and the receiver feeds video to the Samsung. However, when I load up Netflix through the Samsung Smart Hub there is no surround sound. Only the TV speakers on the Samsung provide the audio. I would like to have Nextflix when shown on the Samsung to feed audio...
Got a Pioneer VSX 921-K receiver (2011 model) the HDMI Output is too loose/wiggly to get a connection, you have to hold it in place to get a connection it's been like that since I bought it 3 months ago.. i thought i could do with component but I should probably get it exchanged while under warranty Pioneer is closed for holidays so I will contact them when they open do I have to mail the receiver into Pioneer to get an exchange? how does the process work? ...
Thanks for the reply again. I tried the HDMI out on an old crappy Acer computer monitor which has an HDMI in... the Acer computer monitor displays the Xbox fine.
Good thought. Thanks. I am planning on calling Pioneer support since it is still under warranty, just haven't had a day off work. As a general rule if you need 30 feet of HDMI cable is it better to use a single 22AWG 30foot HDMI cable or get 2 separate 15 foot HDMI cables with the $12 repeater in between? I need 30 feet of cable total. Which set up gives the better signal?
Absolutely. I have tried this a million times on a few different days. THanks for the help though. Appreciate it.
Thanks for the post. i went through all this.. everything is assigned properly.
Thank you for the reply. I will try that shortly.
JohnnDenver, Problem is that the current setup doesn't quite work that way. The projo is 30 feet from the receiver. The Xbox needs to be next to the receiver for the Kinect to work properly because the Kinect cable is short. The receiver and Xbox are at the front of the media room. The projo is ceiling mounted at the back. So that would mean to hook the xbox up to the projo I need a 30foot HDMI cable which doesn't work (but a 20 foot one does).. the 20 foot cable isn't...
has anyone managed to get this receiver to display Xbox 360 videoÉ
Hi LowellG I have connected the 360 to my upstairs Pioneer receiver (VSX 1024 - different model) and it works great on my 55È LCD TV. I have connected the 30 to the projector (Epson 8350) directly and the video works (no audio, no speakers on the projector) DVD player via HDMI works well with the projector. So does the laptop. DVD player also works well with the receiver and the projector. Any ideasÉ It is a resolution problem between the Xbox and the Receiver.. I just...
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