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Did you use a hat channel and clips to decouple the walls?
Well ran into a little something today. Trying to figure out my wiring, I finally took notice to the header around the border of the ceiling. I just relized that I am not going to be able to pull wires, unless I can get them through the header. I have to get the HDMI through to get to the ceiling, unless I can get them behind the hat channel to the ceiling? One question is, considering I have a slab floor, I cannot go under so I guess I can run cables under the carpet...
I wanted to see this movie when it was listed 4 months ago. The 14% RT reviews have me scared!! As Scott said to each their own. I still want to see it.
Hey guys, I have decided to do allot of my theater building and I have come to a halt. I would like to see some pictures of your in wall speaker wiring, wall plates, 2 gang receptacles, HDMI etc.. If you have photos, I would like to see them. From the rack to the speakers, PJ, surrounds, whatever. I would love to use wall plate connections, but hate to break up connections to the speakers. I am looking for some ideas on how to wire direct to speakers and still have a...
I might have jumped on this if I would have seen it sooner. But we'll see what is around when I am done my room.
I would wait till you get over there, who knows what you will find there. I know the first thing I would do is get a stack of FP1400 clone amps and build a few 18" DO sealed subs.
Are you using XLR's?
Were waiting
I agree, I have a few them ordered for my HDMI. My only problem with them is they will let sound out. I guess they could be packed with something?
Does anyone think there is any quality to sound lost by using banana plug wall plates? I guess I can say the same for HDMI plates. I have a order ready to be placed with wall plates and in wall wire, but I am wondering if I will loose quality in my signals to my speakers by breaking them up with wall plates. Or if there is another way to wire directly with a clean look. If anyone would like to touch on this I would appreciate any thoughts or facts on wall...
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