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All four of my sets buzzed, the thing is I never notice it when I watch sports or movies with friends.Mostly notice it when I'm alone watching TV is a perfectly silent room. My PS3 drowns out the buzz when its on, but once again I've decided to live with it because the picture quality is that good and no image retention or banding during sports or when gaming.
Thanks for posting that pic, this is exactly what I have expect the magenta hue shows up only in the upper right hand area as faint vertical streaks. I also decided to live with it but was worried it may get worse over time - only notice it when I force myself to find it on a white background ,etc.
On a white screen or white background do any of you owners of the 60" version of this set see very faint magenta or pink vertical lines or streaks ? I went through four 60" sets and all of them had this issue if you looked very closely in the upper left or right hand area of the screen on white background, I personally can see if I look very closely on certain commercials like the apple ipad commercial that has a white background or during certain movie scenes when the...
same problem with smart hub screen flashing at startup - has been occurring for about a week. Hopefully someone notifies samsung of the software issue
anyone with any input ?
Question to ALL 55LW5600 Owners: I've set my TV to cinema picture mode and local dimming to low, the problem is whenever I turn the TV on it takes 8 seconds for the TV picture to adjust to cinema picture mode. It basically always turns on in standard picture mode and 8 seconds latter will turn to cinema mode ( dimmer picture ). I made sure the TV was in Home Mode and not Demo mode- not sure why it seems to forget this picture setting for the first 8 seconds of start up ?...
yomaster, it appears you are right - they pulled the update due to this issue. see this thread http://www.avsforum.com/t/1414638/official-samsung-unxxes7100-thread/570 count yourself as lucky as everyone has this 1080p issue after update. btw- to turn off sync-plus one must uncheck the privacy notice otherwise sync-plus will turn on each time the tv is powered on regardless if the setting is turned off.
A recent firmware update in November 2012 has caused many Samsung Plasma and LED TV's to have display problems when viewing 1080p content. Here is a YouTube video of the problem... Someone on the Cnet Forums found a temporary solution to this software problem ... If you disable SyncPlus app in smart hub the tv is perfect. Enable it, lines and picture jumping. So it is an issue with SyncPlus. I have it disabled and the tv has been perfect and internet connected...
I have an LG LED tv and I noticed that when i look at the tv from the side a few feet back the tv appears to have a slight bend to its shape- it does not look straight. I placed a level on the screen and frame and they are slightly off center. When I had an LG tech come and look at this problem he said this was normal with all flat panel tvs, that all led panels have a slight bend that make them look concave etc. He said as long as it doesnt affect the tv viewing...
At this time I think I am going to wait until next years models come out - The image retention issues with this years Panasonic plasmas is a major flaw imho.If Samsung can't fix this buzzing issue after 4 years of consumer complaints and continues to use cheap capacitor I have no faith this issue will be fixed in 2013.
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