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I currently have an HK 2600, but thinking of upgrading. I was looking at the onkyo 616, but have read a lot of bad reviews on it. now im thinking of staying with harman and going to the 2700. what more would i get with that over my 2600? is it better than the onkyo? where is the best place to order one right now from? thanks for any help, also, does this do internet radio, such as sirius, etc?
i have a Harman Kardon 2600 now, but wondering if its worth it to move to the onkyo 616?? is it any better or what i have as good or better? seems like it has a lot of nice features, but i dont want to downgrade. they have a good price on it, but again, is what i have any better already?? any opinions would be great, or is there another one i should be looking at?
i have the 2600 and was wondering if it it time to upgrade to a newer receiver with other features? ive seen the onkyo 616 for 349 and it has thx, ethernet, more hdmi's and some other things on it. is that better than my 2600 or should i keep what i have or is there a different one i should be looking at? i know the HK rate the power so much lower, but it that more pure power than that of others such as the onkyo, or are the new ones as good or better on power ratings now?
Trying to decide if my HK 2600 is good enough to keep competing with the current receivers that are out there today. went to the store looking, but could not figure out if one is better than what i have or not. They said the newer HK are not as good as the older ones and mine is not bad. They did recommend an Onkyo 616 for $359, with THX, internet 4K video and more HDMI inputs. I heard him also say Denon is harder to set up, but once it is, it sounds really good and has a...
I returned my 55LM4600 today back to costco after having it for 2 weeks, just could not get the color the way i wanted it, didnt look as good as my 3 year old sony lcd. In its place, i got a panasonic 55ET5 lcd 3D passive set. Instantly out of the box i noticed the color difference. the 3D is really good too. got this one for 899 from best buy as they matched frys price, since frys was not very helpful in showing it to me, o well, their loss!
I just set up my 55lm4600 to this and now it looks amazing! it had just what i was missing and been trying to get! thanks so much!
we have the 55 inch version we just bought, anyone have any issue with having the setting in vivid, then when i switch the receiver to bypass mode for 3d, it doesnt stay in vivid? then i put in vivid again, and when i switch the receiver back to normal tv, it seems to be off vivid again? just seems like an inconvenience, not sure if its the receiver everytime yet or what? any good settings for it?
bought the 55lm4600 last night at costco for $699. just put on floor in living room in front of my 55 sony lcd to try it out, and wow! looks really nice! 3d from directv is nice and the 2d-3d conversion is great. today ill be playing musical tvs while i move them around. come with software 03.40.09 on it. home to get settings all dialed in, but looks great so far. any suggestions for settings? i just had on vivid and turned color to warm 25 and liked it like that for now....
Ok, i know this is an open ended question, but i currently have a 2010 model Sony 55EX501(sometimes known as the 55EX500), LCD HDTV. I am trying to decide if it is worth it to upgrade and go with 3D now. I do have the 3D blu-ray, Harman-Kardon 2600 that is 3D ready, and directv for 3D. Im trying to find something that wont break the bank in price, under $1500, lower the better, but will pay for a decent set. I definitely want something that would look as good as my sony...
also, is this LG set an entry level set, or higher up than that?
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