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aren't dnice settings or cnet settings for blu-ray sources? Anyone have settings for OTA or Cable broadcast tv for both HD and non-HD sources? I think NR at auto setting does help with some of the artifacts from non-hd sources.
hey guise, I'm noticing some pixelation during HD broadcasts of some movement and also in non-HD broadcasts. I guess plasmas produce a bit of pixellation. Can I reduce it by changing the settings for video nr, block nr or mosquito nr? I have fios as my source of HD and non-HD broadcasts. I'm playing around with the settings for video nr, block nr, and mosquito nr to auto/on and I don't really notice anything different. Are there certain combinations of the aforementioned...
have you tried pressing "exit" under tv device mode? You may need to "teach" your remote that command.
Hi I have a 5.1 audyssey system and I'm in a dilemma for my side surround speakers. As shown in the pic below, the right surround is dangling in the pathway and it is visually distracting. Can I cut a square in the wall and place these speakers in it so that its huge dangling presence is mitigated? It is a polk 35b bookself speakers iwht a 1.5" rear port. Or would you recommend buying a stand and putting it behind the couch as shown? will audyssey be able to compensate?
OP here... If I were you I would get the 15c since the drivers match the 65t at 5 1/4 inches. But I've also heard getting center channels a little bit bigger don't hurt. all a matter of personal preference. If you look at my setup you can see how big the 15c is, which is a little bigger than the receiver. Also check out my surround setup! My only quirk is that the right surround is so much bigger than I thought it would be (11 x 7 x 10) (H,W,D). Also it is in the...
thank you for clarifying that. I misconceived 5.1 setup to have it behind you all the way.Another question would be then in my situation, can the distance between the side surrounds be larger than the distance between front speakers?I can't put the side speakers any closer because of the hallway and the entry way as shown.
Hi I have a Denon 1613 with polk 65t floorstanders, and 35b for surrounds. The theater setup is in a living room with an entry way and a hallway in the back. I was wondering should I get floorstanding speakers for rears, but it will be very close to the primary listening position to not block the entryway. OR should I wall mount them? and should I keep the rear speakers away from direct corners? Please look at the diagram I have sketched on paint. Thanks a bunch.
thanks tesla i'll give it a shot. well everything works but i just can't update a few buttons I wanted anymore. o btw, anyone know how to open the harmony 600? i see that it has four screws on the bottom, but the top there are no screws to be seen? If anything I'm willing to give it a shot to fix it. It'll be a little project similar to this one : http://lowtek.ca/roo/2011/surface-mount-soldering-repair-harmony-659/
guys i bought this harmony 600 at radioshack today, and guess what. I dropped it while it was connected to usb. and now the mini usb port came out. The funny thing is that the radioshack cashier wanted me to purchase the warranty program if i dropped a remote. I waived him off and said I didn't need it for an extra 8 dollars. Now this thing is broken. Any way to fix this? Check the pictures. This is unbelieveable lol. Any chance radioshack will give me a new one? I can't...
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