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I bought the chip from this website and watched the tutorial offered by them as well. While I was in there I used a can of compressed air to blow all the dust out.. http://www.shopjimmy.com/samsung-mitsubishi-toshiba-4719-001997-dlp-chip-2.htm Also used code SJGC1311 to get an additional 15% off.. Cost me $132 total out the door with free 2 day shipping..
So I installed my new DLP chip and shes back in great working order. What do you think the life expectancy of the new chip is? Thanks!
Im going to fix the TV either way. Im going to buy a new DLP chip unless there is any possible way to fix the current chip? I only posted on this forum to ask if anyone knows if the original chip can be repaired by a reflow? If not ill buy a replacement.
Yes I understand it is a common problem. And it looks like the only way is to purchase a new DLP Chip. But I was just wondering if a reflow would solve the problem? If i purchase a new chip is there any preventive maintenance to perform so this not happen again? Thanks..
Hey guys I have a WD-73733 DLP with about 100 white and black dots all over the screen. Ive been doing some research and was wondering if these chips just burn out over time and there is any way to repair them? Is this issue caused by heat or just being at the end of its life? Could a reflow possibly repair the chip? Thanks.
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