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I just got my trude emitter, and some PS3 glasses. It doesnt look nearly as bad as the photos posted, actually it looks rather good with 3D blu-ray content. Haven't tried anything else. I wonder if anyone can recommend more comfortable and perhaps brighter glass than the PS3 ones? After a while the plastic is really digging into my ears.
I just got the Trude 3D emitter a while ago. I dont know about the original Mitsubishi emitter, but the result with Trude and Sony PS3 glasses is not bad with 3D blu-ray movies. There is a tiny bit of ghosting, usually on the lower end of the picture, but nothing serious. On that note, I wonder if someone can recommend better glasses than the PS3 ones? They are really uncomfortable after a while.
Thanks. Let's see what we can get on Black Friday.
Got it, thanks. So basically I'm better off buying it from the software vendor (spectracal/curtpalme).The basic software seems to go at about the same price for both of them.Any preference as to which software/hardware i1 display pro should I pick?The end result is the same ~400$. Or do I need one of the more expensive versions?Thanks again for your time and detailed answers.
Thanks again for the feedback.Looking to purchase the colorimeter, I noticed it being sold by the same seller at different prices. I would just like to double check with you there are no "versions" of the product, and I can just buy the cheapest...
Thanks for the detailed response. Im usually playing contents from my laptop. But I assumed I would have to make changed to the projector calibration parameters and not to the laptop graphics card?
Can anyone recommend hardware (colorimeter/spectrometer) and software for calibrating this projector? Or is it not necessary? It seems quite good out of the box. The budget is up to USD500, id be happy if it could be less.
I have just recently purchased from him.The only problem was that he listed a white projector while I had received a black one. My g/f was a little disappointed, but I wasnt gonna return it because of that.Otherwise he shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition on time.
I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. Next month I'll be in Germany - so I can get it if it's reasonable.
Thanks for all your replies. I understand that the trude will probably provide slightly better performance than the original or monstervision emitter. The question is if it's worthwhile spending the money on it, or just giving up 3D entirely if it's not enjoyable watching 3D movies even with the trude and only passable?
New Posts  All Forums: