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There are so many companies out there selling subs that is makes my head want to expode! What I am trying to acquire are two reference series floor speakers along with the best sounding sub for around $1,000.00-$1,500.00 (for the sub only) or maybe even two subs around the same price. The floor standing will be either the the RF82's or the Monitor 11's Clearness of the sound is more important than the amount of volume that can be attained. I have looked at: Epik,...
I would actually call it luck. JR was the second call I made after Crutchfield and when they wouldn't budge on the price, I called JR. I inquired about pricing on the 3312Ci and the 2312CI. JR said $920 for the 3312 and $699 for the 2312... Right about the time I was ready to conclude the conversation, the salesman said, oh wait, I can do the 2312 for $599.00. That was an instant no brainer and I placed the order. Although BB took off 50 bucks from the 1912, it...
I just ordered one yesterday and am returning my AVR-1912 to BB.. Cheers, Sawacs
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