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I have an LG 60" plasma & have noticed no sync issues, so maybe it is particular to Panasonic?
^ That's exactly what I discovered with my A7s & their built-in subs, they do sound good on Full Band. Discovered this after I moved the sub from in front of me to opposite side of the room to my left & while it took running Audyssey 3x to get the sound right, discovered while playing some tunes that it does indeed sound richer, fuller with the 7s set to Full. Who knew, so the feeling I have is it gives me more balanced low end sound from now the front & back. Guess that...
All Channel Stereo does the same thing, when I'm watching a blu ray or whatnot, I always use Audyssey DSX & it sends sound to all 7.1 channels with my 818.
http://www.avsforum.com/t/618137/calling-all-polkies-official-polk-thread/34500#post_24604285 Here's a great place to ask your ?s. You'll get tons of advice LOL.
Why not email Onkyo & see if they'll do a one time out of warranty repair & keep it as a backup; that's what I did.
How close/far is Denver City to S.A.? I'm planning to be back in S.A. for good in around 3 years or so. I'm all the way over on the NM state line near Hobbs, SA is a good 7 hr drive from here & another 3 from there to Galveston which I dearly love!
Yep, the horns are nice too, even better on the st for Oblivion. Really like Susanne Sundor's voice!!
Thx you guys. I appreciate all your nice comments Had to switch from my cell ph cuz it's too dang slow with this site ugh. Maybe that's my next upgrade, have an HTC One now & would love an iPhone or S3?
Thx, it's been a labor of love of sorts. This house was built in '66 & I grew up here & moved back in in '97 cuz my pop had moved away & was renting it out & they were tearing up the place, anyway, it's all mine now & has taken me this long just to get some decent sound in here lol. I always hated white walls so was an easy decision to paint all the rooms a different color hehe. I really want new furniture, couch lazboy etc so maybe one of these years when I'm done...
Some say the 7s are too bright, but to me they sound great. I listen to a lot of classical, have the soundtrack to Man of Steel on now, its heavy on drums & bass strings & I couldn't be happier if I was a bug in a rug lol. Course, the sub does the heavy work etc. It's all up to the individual I imagine.
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