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I just sold my A3s to go with A5s for my front wides, but did use them for a short while as surrounds, while they are competent, they don't produce a whole lot other than the basics imho; so I'd go with the FXi A6s if you don't want floor standing which is what I went with overall.
I've had it since Feb this year, upgraded from an RC180. What I noticed first was that you can set the dB level of your sub before running Auddysey which is a novel idea, to me anyway. It has Manual EQ that you can set individual speakers to & I've adjusted mine so that vocals in music & tv is much more clear not that it was bad before, but now it's even better. I love the styling of the 818, bit different than what I had, mostly the front panel which pushes to open rather...
Also, if you're worried about future issues with an 818, buy an extended warranty. That's what I did cuz the 818 had the features I wanted in my budget!
Duh on me lmao, didn't scroll down far enuff (snicker)
I changed my setup info last week in my community profile to reflect more A5s & no A3s & clicked save & my sig still shows the 3s??? Is this a glitch after they messed with the thumbs up thingy etc?
Well, got the A3s sold & they're off to Danville, Pa. Got what amounts to what the reconditioned A5 on Polk ebay is going for so not bad huh! All I need is pay for another A5 & I'm done for a while me thinks lol.
It is like so many of Onkyo's avr's these days, plagued with issues, even Ralph Potts wouldn't recommend it, but I ordered one in Feb nonetheless, & other than some issues with Dish Network, is flawless in it's video & sound processing. The ability to adjust the EQ manually really improved my sound, being able to set the dB level of the sub before running Audyssey was a treat overall, improved my bass response as well. Only time will tell whether it was a wise purchase or...
FWIW, you can order from OneCall & get the 818 $650 shipped NIB + 2 yr warranty which is only $50 over A4L http://www.amazon.com/Onkyo-TX-NR818-7-2-Channel-Discontinued-Manufacturer/dp/B007JOO4XE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1396185755&sr=8-1&keywords=onkyo+818
I have 4 cats, all grown & just got all new Polks, but I prefer the grills off so as to not temp the lil buggers. Otherwise, a flyswatter would work. One smack & they'll get the hint lol.
Old friend of mine, her dad had Nakamichi audio components in the late 70s he bought while he was in Hong Kong. First time I heard the system was mid 90s & it rocked even then!! High priced stuff for sure. Put my A3s up on eBay just for grins since I'm getting A5s to replace them.
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