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http://www.ebay.com/itm/Polk-Audio-RTiA5-CHERRY-Tower-Loudspeaker-EACH-/360885958571?pt=Speakers_Subwoofers&hash=item54067ab7ab What a bargain! Think I'll pick up a pair for my wides!
It's old news that Netflix has a 28 day delay to rent movies that are released by Fox, Universal, Warner Bros to name a few. I could vod on Dish many movies that come out on a particular Tues but Netflix can't rent them for another 4 weeks! To top that off, now that USPS doesn't do one day service from my area to the distrubution center, it takes at the very least 2 days to send them back & another 2 to get a new one. I've tried to time it so that on Fri I send back 2 so...
Depending on where you live, Dish internet is provided by HugesNet & it's crap lol. The antenna is huge & they want the eye or something back when you discontinue, so sis had to hire a guy to climb the roof to get what they require returned! They advertise 4G as high speed which is a laff these days! My sis had that & just dumped it for Suddenlink where she lives, cheaper AND faster!
Has anybody ever used these? http://sewelldirect.com/product4.aspx?productId=28200 One of the reviews the guy said the banana plugs wouldn't fit his avr or speakers (Cons: Banana plugs too big for my receiver, sub and speakers. Spent 2 hours removing) & am wondering about that. They look pretty standard to me so was thinking of ordering some. Also found a wireless 5 port ethernet switch so I can ditch the 20' cable I have running from my router/modem to all my stuff. Lil...
Agreed! I'm gonna purchase this come payday for that very reason considering what I've read! Just the other day while watching tv, the 818 powered off by itself then came right back on like nothing happened. Might've been a power surge but the tv didn't blink nor the clocks either so who knows. Not sure what to make of the probs I've been experiencing. I can live without the drama lol!!! I'm loving the sound it produces with my cds so I'll hang in there...
Bottom shelf of my tv stand is 18" front to back & the 818 barely fits albeit snugly but I do use banana plugs & the back is open but the volume knob does hangs off the front edge just a tiny bit. Hope that helps.
Added all the missing speakers finally!
Was just a bit of a surprise, hdmi cables & the 818 are brand new! Such is life I guess...
For the option to update via usb, you first need to plug the usb stick in before clicking firmware on the setup menu. Here's an interesting prob that happened to me this morn, when I got up & turned the tv on, the picture was all purple & green so I turned the 818 off, then back on again & all's well. Considering this thing is brand new, what on earth now??? Ugh!
So I got up at 6, turned the coffee pot on turned the tv on & OMG!, the picture is all purple & green Turned the 818 off then back on again & everything's fine. Considering the history of Onkyo & issues & my own probs with the 818, I'm skeered lol!!!
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