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Added all the missing speakers finally!
Was just a bit of a surprise, hdmi cables & the 818 are brand new! Such is life I guess...
For the option to update via usb, you first need to plug the usb stick in before clicking firmware on the setup menu. Here's an interesting prob that happened to me this morn, when I got up & turned the tv on, the picture was all purple & green so I turned the 818 off, then back on again & all's well. Considering this thing is brand new, what on earth now??? Ugh!
So I got up at 6, turned the coffee pot on turned the tv on & OMG!, the picture is all purple & green Turned the 818 off then back on again & everything's fine. Considering the history of Onkyo & issues & my own probs with the 818, I'm skeered lol!!!
If you old fogey's would quit taking those long afternoon naps, maybe you'd sleep thru the nite lmao
That's what I use, glad the link to the .jp site is working, just dl'd the most current version,!
HSU VTF2-Mk4 sitting on an Auralex Ampdude
Under the setup menu, speaker setup, then equalizer settings, you can set those manually or off. How do you set the eq manually? Do you need a meter or something to test for sound level? In my Trans Am, all you do is move a slider up or down & I assume the principle is the same here with the + & - dB but how do know the right levels etc? I've never had this kind of eq before so just kinda wondering. Thx
but the receiver I probably paid too much for and I want to know if I should return it and buy off amazon What avr did you buy would be a starter I imagine!
It's on a raised hardwood floor that has been carpeted over. Nonetheless, to my ears it's a no brainer, like I said, it's just my humble opinion.
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