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Imagine it's more the 818 that improved pq than the cables, nonetheless, does look a bit sharper to mine eyes, even tho I had the tv pro calibrated 2 years ago; or not. Posted my issue with the 722k on the Dish support forum & also the Dish forum at highdefforum hoping somebody will have a clue what's up with the pvr since it didn't do the thump with the 180. Inquiring minds wanna know LOL.
Nah, that was my '74 Super Beetle lol
thx for trying, don't use volume control on the avr, but did on the 722 cuz of the loud commercials etc
I do have oh so fond memories of Radar Love back in '76 sittin in the front seat of my Monte Carlo with the hope of getting to 2nd base lmao
Haven't been able to find any info, so thought I'd post my ? here, I bought a nib 818 early Feb, all went well etc then 5 days into ownership, noticed a pronounced thump from the sub while watching tv & the listening mode changed from programming to commercial etc. Played with all the audio settings on the 818 to no avail, then turned sub off & put the Polk A7s on Full Band & even then, still a thump from the 7s subs! Thought this must be a defective unit since I didn't...
Thought I'd post this in case anybody else has an issue with their 818 like I did with tv programming & the sub thump when listening mode changes. With the replacement 818, the thump is still there, just not as bad, so I bought new hdmi ferrite core cables & while that improved the pq & channel switching, still some thump. I have Dish Network so went into the audio setup & turned off volume levelling & no more thump! Wish I'd thought of that before I sent the other unit...
Does anyone have any experience using an Aurelex pad under their sub? I ordered one for my HSU sub thinking it will help with my nick-nacks rattling lol even tho the sub is on a carpeted floor.
Go back one page & select Surround Music Formats or 2-ch audio, Imagine you can get some tips there!
Home button > Setup > Unlocked > Listening Mode Preset where you can set all your listening preferences for bdp, cdp, tv, phono etc!
The soundtrack to Dark Knight is killer, so is Oblivion. I really like Star Trek from '09 as well, even W. E. is what I would call a modern classic! I have Pirates of the Caribbean too, the first movie. Got the soundtrack from the 2nd Star Trek movie & wasn't impressed at all lol. Tron I liked, always liked that kind of music...
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